caught in the moment…. Easter reflection

Caught in the Moment

We wanted to write a song that lyrically and musically captured the tension we face in our daily lives. I remember when we wrote verse 2 of this song…”I feel the friction, the place where earth and heaven meet, caught in a landslide of my humanity, in the midst of life’s mystery I hold to this certainty.” The pictures in my mind as we wrote those words were of the natural disasters that are taking place all around the world, and the acts of violence and terror that randomly occur and affect our lives. I was reflecting on the chaos and fear we feel during these times. I also kept picturing a man that kept sliding and wasn’t able to get steady footing, he kept falling down, as if he was caught in a landslide.
When all around the world gives way we are called to let the Father be our hope and the certainty we hold onto. We are called to be awake and alert in this restless, tension-filled time in history and to give an account of the hope we have to all the folks we come across. We are to bear the message of the words in the chorus that sings…”The grave declares, Your work is done, each new days shouts You’ve overcome! You broke the curse, You set us free, now we rehearse our victory!” With all the moments we face everyday, I pray that hope is the moment you get caught in at the end of the day.
This song reflects that we were not meant to live under the curse of sin and death, or even generational curses that can be passed down from our parents and their parents before them, but we are called to live free and to rehearse our victory! We are caught in the moments between blessing and cursing, life and death, which will you choose?
Our new record begins with the song ‘Join in the Sound ‘and it also ends with the chorus to ‘Join in the Sound’ to remind us that we are called to join in the sound of creation and to rehearse the victory that God has released in our lives!


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