join in the sound….behind the song

Jesus added His voice as a harmony to the old testament prophets by what He said and did.
The disciples added their voice and harmony to Jesus and the old testament by what they said and did.
We are called to add our voice and harmony to the old testament, Jesus and the disciples by what we say and do. The prayer of the first verse of this songs sings to Jesus…
“Let me move in the rhythm of Your love and prepare
the way as Your kingdom comes.”
Join in the sound is a song of praise but it also is a song of proclamation!
To be the people that carry the voice of Jesus wherever we go and in whatever we do.
It’s a proclamation that says my voice matters and that I too can influence others to love and add their voice and their lives to the kingdom of God as well.
It’s a proclamation that says I will be a part of making things right and fixing what is broken on this earth.
It’s a proclamation to add our voice to the ancients and the great cloud of witnesses that the book of Hebrews talks about, and to run with perseverance and love in this journey of life set before us.
It’s a proclamation to practice the resurrection of our savior in our daily lives. The end of the songs shouts “fill every heart and every space with glory like the waters cover the sea.” That is our prayer, that God would put the world back to rights and that He would use us to be a part of fulfilling that work.



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