all around song story from our new record called join in the sound

All Around

This song started with a verse from an old hymn that sings, “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, oh God our God, You made them all.”

I’ve always loved that line, and it has always played itself out in my mind.
After God created the world he said that it was good! It’s amazing to think about the story of God that’s playing out all around us and sometimes all we need to do to be reminded of this is to look up.
It’s amazing when you think that God spoke and creation came into being. That was the thought behind Verse One of this song that sings, “You spoke the endless sky, every star that has ever shined, You sowed the day to night and the world to the hands of time.”
This ties so deeply into the Join in the Sound theme, how God set the scene for creation that we are apart of. Verse 2 sings, “The rocks they sing Your praise, even valleys declare Your name, from the dust of the barren plain, to the heights of the mountain great.”
A few months back, while my brother and I were in Colorado, we got invited to go on a hike with some of our family from Integrity Music and I was not prepared for it. I only had a clunky pair of boots on the trip and I am really out of shape, so needless to say I didn’t think I would enjoy it. But after about 10 minutes into the hike I started to really get into the spirit of it! One of the main things I remember were the huge rocks that would be in our path that we would have to maneuver around without falling into the little stream next to us. I fell in the water a few times giving the others a good laugh!
When we were writing this verse that memory was in my head of those huge rocks and how hard life can be trying to avoid the rocks and the valleys we come up against. But ultimately, God promises to use and work together for good all the things that happen to us, to those who love Him. Remember that all God does and makes is good! His plan for you and me is good!
Also, in the book of Genesis, we can see that God brought all the animals to Adam and allowed Adam to use his creativity and add his voice to the creation narrative by naming the animals. So we can plainly see that Adam joined in the sound of creation and that God is calling us to do the same today! So look up! The story of God is unfolding all around through creation and through your life! We are called to be partners with God in creation at this moment in time, and to improvise through the Spirit inside and exercise our God given freedom.

Brothers McClurg


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