Join in the sound!!!! Released!! Now!!

We are excited for you to hear our new record Join in the Sound! After 2 years of writing and producing these songs, we are humbled and ready to release them from our hearts to yours. Join in the Sound is about adding your voice to the harmony of Heaven that is being released here on earth! Through our talents, the Lord has given each of us something seperate and unique that is important to completing the work He has begun on earth. We feel these songs embody the highs and lows we feel on a weekly basis. Each track on this record plays into the next, with a common theme of God redeeming and giving purpose to every moment of our lives. Allowing us to see His handiwork in the good and bad times, and helping us to join in the sound of praise. We pray these songs will inspire you. Like David in the Bible, who sang in the valleys and caves as well as on the throne of Israel, we too are called to worship God at all times. We love you and appreciate your support. Please download this record or purchase it from your local Christian bookstore.

Your friends,

Brothers mcclurg


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