The story and purpose behind the opening track called tune up from our record join in in the sound!!

When we come together as a band, the first 5 or 10 minutes is spent getting our instruments warm and tuned up so that we can play in harmony with one another. Every time a choir get’s together they do vocal warm ups, similar with playing any sport or exercise there is time spent warming up. Even with our day jobs there is time spent in physical or mental preparation. It seems that generally in life you never jump into anything without some sort of prep time. When we come to church on Sunday we are rehearsing by singing songs and hearing a stirring message that will prepare us for what will happen Monday through Saturday. So it seemed fitting to open this new record the same way. Join in the sound, for us, is a musical journey of prayers that are for different moments that we face during the week. Every day our journey should begin with a simple prayer to the father that says tune my heart to sing your praise!!



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