the prayer collective…..

On a Monday night, a few weeks back, a friend Karl and I strummed our guitars and sang prayers with folks at Lafayette Church in downtown Buffalo.  The church has been hosting a worship and prayer gathering called ‘The Prayer Collective’ where worship leaders from all over the area gather throughout the week to intercede for our churches and all of western NY.  Monday, March 19th was my first slot to play for this initiative.  When Karl and I started to play our guitars and sing, prayers started to come out of our depths, song-prayers about patience and self control.  As we were singing it came to me that a lot of the worship songs written are about love, peace, joy, and faithfulness, but what about all the other fruits of the spirit/virtues?  What about patience, self control, gentleness, kindness and goodness?  Rarely do you hear worship songs and/or see art being made about these other fruits of the spirit.  Sorry for getting away from the story for a minute, but I want to challenge you artists and songsters, as I have challenged myself, to create art and write songs about these other fruits.  I mean all of these attributes are what make up the fullness of God and the spirit within us.  Anyway, back to the story…as we sang about patience, I felt the spirit speaking to me about the Hymn ‘Nothing but the Blood’ and as we sang, this prayer came out, “Oh precious is the flow that doesn’t just make me white as snow, found in the blood of Jesus.”  What I felt the spirit was saying to me was that there is a flow to our lives, a rhythm so to speak, that the Holy Spirit wants to teach us to walk in a certain flow that He has for each of us.  That Jesus’ blood isn’t just for salvation but for us to walk in the fullness of God in our daily lives.  In that He will teach us patience and what it means to wait on Him and to find the flow he intends for us.  Self control is tied to patience in a big way.  Control of knowing when to act and when to rest, a time to speak and a time to be silent, and for those of us trying to lose weight (myself included) a time to eat and a time not to over eat, ha-ha.  In those moments of prayer, I realized again how often in life I get depressed when things don’t go the way I had planned.  How disappointments can crush my spirit and bring me down but I don’t want to live that way.  I want to live trusting and patiently waiting on God for my daily bread.  To submit every inspired idea or question I have to Him and let Him work it out.  Only by being patient and waiting on God can I find real perspective and strength to carry on.  When we get depressed and tired of waiting on God we lose our self control by doing a myriad of things that are not pleasing to God.  As Karl and I drove home we talked about the areas in our lives that we need to wait on God and learn patience in.  We encouraged one another to leave all of our questions with Jesus and see what He does.  The important part to remember when our patience gets tried is to call to mind all the promises of God that He made to us.  He will provide our every need, and in the end that’s all that really matters.  As unpredictable as life is it’s good to know that God’s promises never change for us.


So, I pray that the precious flow of Christ’s blood wouldn’t just make you white as snow but would also flow through your mortal body and help you find the flow He intends for you.  Be patient and self controlled because He will fulfill in you the plan He has for you in His own time not yours.




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