we are the music makers…we are the dreamers of dreams part 3

I have felt the Lord’s hand through the music he has written through me down through the years. I have seen God use songs and lines in songs, to open up lives to him and to awaken the child within to the father calling them.
In my heart I am so grateful for every chord and song the Lord allows to pass from my heart, through my hands and lips.
Sometimes God gives me songs that are meant for me specifically to hear and respond to.

I had a dream last night I was leading worship in the basement of the church of my youth
which is evangel assembly of God.
It was a worship event and many people were there. We were about to start our worship set, and as I stepped up to the mic, this melody came out and I started singing a new song
that was writing itself as I sang.
The band followed, as they are used to abandoning the set and going with the moment.
the words were…

I’m standing on the edge of another time
I’m standing on the edge to another time
help me Lord to follow through with what it is you want me to my God

I can feel the wind brush across my face
in moments of doubt feel your embrace
help me Lord to follow through
follow through my God

these are the things i feel like the Holy Spirit was saying to me:

Evangel church building where i spent alot of time as a child no longer exists.
The church has moved to a new location but there was alot of dreams spoken to me
in that place. I feel like the Spirit took me back there to remind me of the dreams he gave
me there. Dreams that I have let go of or abandoned that he wants to complete.
Now is the time for those old dreams to come to pass.

As I was leading worship in the dream i would look out and see familiar faces, but they were faces
of people that I used to hang out with that I haven’t seen in years. They were all there singing along.
I felt that this meant God wants me to pay attention to these old dreams of mine that I used to have back when we all were in each others lives. These friends were around when God spoke to me and alot of them helped, prayed for and encouraged me.
They were in a sense an earthly cloud of witnesses, encouraging me on, saying follow through with
those old dreams you used to tell us about, it’s never to late.

God’s time and our time are completely different and there are things he wants to complete in all of us.
He will just continue, year after year, inviting us through the Holy Spirit, to remember those lost dreams and ambitions that he still wants us to carry out.
That’s what standing on the edge of another time means, that I have been looking off this precipice,
year after year, but never jumping off. The other time means these dreams were received years back when
I was different but that it’s never to late to complete them.

So I encourage you to fulfill those old dreams and ambitions that the Lord keeps reminding you of, and pray that if he wants you to complete them that he would allow it. God wants to make us holy people.
There are so many things in life we can do, but he knows exactly the things that will make us feel most
complete in this life. It’s up to us to seek those things out through prayer and live our lives as holy, whole people.



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