we are the music makers…we are the dreamers of dreams..pt 2

picnic pic

One thing you should know about me is that I have a vivid, lush and active dream life. I also fall asleep in like 10 seconds and will be out until the alarm goes off. I can also sleep in until noon, it’s a major blessing I know!
A little over a year ago, I had the most vivid dream! In this particular dream I was hanging with Megh, my sister in law. It was summertime and we were sitting on the edge of a stage at a festival. In the dream it was understood that we were at this festival with our husbands and the band, but that Brothers McClurg was off playing somewhere. Megh was pregnant in the dream and I kept touching her stomach telling her I think she was having a little girl. All of a sudden, as we were chatting, people started to approach the stage where were sitting. There were hundreds of people coming up to us, thanking us! There was a giant line of people waiting to talk to us and say thank you. Some had tears in their eyes. Some of them looked very poor. Some of them kissed our hands and some hugged us. There were loads of smiles and multitudes of gratitude!
I then noticed that in the distance there was a great line of picnic blankets that went on for probably miles. It appeared that people brought lots of different blankets, sheets and tapestries and connected them all together into one massive long picnic blanket. There were all sorts of dishes and food in the middle of the blankets, as if people were meant to sit on either side and eat. It went as far as the eye could see and I was amazed! Then it hit me! WE are throwing this banquet!!! Right here in the middle of this city! For all of these people and that’s why they are thanking us! It looked like so much fun and when I realized what was happening I turned to Megh and said, “Man, I want in on that too, I’m hungry, lets eat!” Megh laughed and smiled at me. Pastor Drew, a good friend of ours, was there in white priest robes giving a blessing over the food. I remember thinking in the dream, ’It is so cool that Drew is here! This is awesome!’ Shortly after that I woke up. I didn’t even attempt to write the dream down upon waking, as I sometimes do. I just kept trying to fall back asleep to go back to the dream. It is amazing to me that I can remember this dream so vividly even to this day. It is one of my favorites.
Months ago I tried to talk everyone into throwing a massive free picnic this summer. We have been very busy doing outreach events, and weren’t going to be able to fit this one in. We were all together talking about summer ideas when it hit me…we are already doing this!!!
Often my dreams don’t literally come true, but there are elements of my dreams that do occur. For example, we didn’t literally throw a massive free picnic but we are definitely feeding the poor! We do free dinners as part of our Sunday night church gatherings in Buffalo. We have lots of different folks come from all ages and walks of life. People are always so grateful to share a meal. We are also feeding people spiritual food. And as my husband always points out, Jesus loved to eat with people! So, in a sense this dream has come to pass! We are feeding eachother, and my Pastor Drew friend that I mentioned earlier from the dream…he is the pastor of this church! So cool how God works! Also, Megh did end up telling me she was pregnant again shortly after I dreamt my dream. She just had her second baby last week! A son. Cheers to that! Lets eat!
The 1st blog I have ever written lol, Suzie Hoisington


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