we are the music makers…we are the dreamers of dreams part 1……

willy wonka the man who spoke the dreamer of dreams quote

Abraham was a visionary.
Jacob was a dreamer.
Joseph was a dreamer & dream interpreter.

Over the years, dreams and visions have received a lot of criticism in the church. I can understand this un-easiness because some people take it to extremes, such as prophesying the end of the world, having unfulfilled dreams and visions and abusing the gift of healing. But there is much in the Bible that was revealed through these methods. I feel it’s time for us to allow God to speak through these ways again. The last thing we want to be is closed off to these beautiful ways the Lord can speak to us. My wife Suzie in particular is a dreamer of spiritual dreams. We have learned that her dreams can mean a myriad of things, and that some are not God related and some can be confusing, but others are as clear as a bell!
We bring all dreams to God and ask him to reveal their meaning. Joseph said in chapter 40 of Genesis, speaking to the butler who had a dream and couldn’t decipher its meaning, “Do not interpretations belong to God?” So always bring your dreams to God and let him show you, do not let your confusing ideas of what you think the dream might mean outshout the whisper of revelation speaking from your center.
When Elihu presents his case to Job in chapter 33:14-18, “For God speaks again and again though people don’t recognize it. He speaks in dreams and visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears and terrifies them with warnings. He makes them turn from doing wrong, He keeps them from pride, he protects them from the grave, from crossing over the river of death.”
Before we go any further let me re-emphasize the importance of bringing dreams and visions to God first and foremost. Then leave it there, and believe me that if it’s something He wants you to know He will bring it up to you continually and lead you safely to conclusive thoughts. Also, share them with friends that you trust, that seek God themselves, and won’t laugh at you no matter how outlandish it sounds. Remember all dreams and visions need testing and refinement. Sometimes only a fragment of the dream applies. But dreams and visions sometimes need space to develop over time, like songs that take time to complete, don’t be quick to assume. That all being said, next week I will post a blog that my beautiful wife Suzie will be writing about a dream she had. We believe her dream applies to our ministry in the city of Buffalo, and that dream is still growing and we believe applies to other places as well!



One response to “we are the music makers…we are the dreamers of dreams part 1……

  1. love this!! keep dreaming those big dreams my friend. The Lord doesn’t want us to live merely in survival mode, but to have AUDACIOUS FAITH that He will do BIG things in and through us!!!! I love reading your blog, can’t wait to hear more!

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