Born into a plan already set forth….

recent picture of the band and no we are not depressed it just looks that way haha!

Genesis Chapter 48:9 reads, And Joseph said unto his father Jacob, “They are my sons, whom God hath given me here in the land of Egypt.” And Jacob said, “Bring them, I pray thee, unto me, and I will bless them.”What I especially love about the Old Testament are the strong family ties and plans that God extended from one generation to the next. Abraham received a vision of nations being blessed through him, extended through Isaac, then through Jacob, then through Joseph and so on. The blessing and purpose extended through Abraham’s descendants to bring to fruition and completion the plan God intended. I feel that way in my life, that I am walking out a plan set forth through my grandfather Pappy, and his son and daughters that make up the original McClurg Family Singers. I am blessed because of their faithfulness and call to follow like Abraham did, to leave his hometown and enter an unknown land trusting God would lead him.
I grew up the first few years of my life on a motor home, watching my family sing frequently all over the country. I can still hear their harmonies that are imbedded in me, and the timeless prayers of Pappy blessing me and committing me to the Lord’s service. I remember Aunt Martha crying tears of joy recently when we signed to Integrity Music label, as it was a dream of theirs to have a worldwide reach with their music. Now we are carrying on the mantle of blessing given to us through them to walk out.
In the Old Testament names were important and had a prophetic meaning to the person given the name. Though my last name is not McClurg, its Hoisington, as my father married my mother who was a McClurg. It was pointed out to me a few weeks ago by a friend of Suzie’s named Stacy who texted Suzie and said, “Hoisington, isn’t it cool that there is sing-a-ton in his name Hoi-sing-ton!” I never noticed that before and had to laugh as singing is my livelihood and what I do all the time!



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