further reflection’s on improvisation!

A pastor friend of mine named Drew Ludwig, whom I deeply respect, is writing a book about the improvising nature of God. I gleaned some from him, as far as inspiration, for this blog.

When you look at the opening chapter of Genesis we see God speaking into existence the earth and the fullness thereof. Specifically, when God forms a man from dust, and then the events that follow, a beautiful story of God allowing Adam to create along with Him unfolds.

I wrote a song about this taken from the scipture verses in Genesis:

The Lord God said it’s not good for man to be alone
I will make a companion who will help him along
so the Lord formed from the soil every animal and bird
and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them
He brought them to Adam and he named each one

Adam was a partner in creation
the creator God let him be creative
to improvise through the spirit inside
and exercise his God-given freedoms

But there was no companion suitable for Adam
so God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep
he took one of his ribs and made a woman from it
At last! Adam shouted she is part of my flesh and bone

Adam and Eve were partners in creation
the creator God let them be creative
to improvise through the spirit inside
and exercise there God-given freedoms

There are many metaphor’s in all this..
1. God allowed Adam to be creative and name the animals…. it was like God wanted to be in communion
with man and creative together
2. I also love that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are in constant communion and community with each other. There are three eternal, personal distinctions in the substance of God, the blessed trinity!
3. Also the church is the living breathing bride of Christ…. the body made up of many members.
The Lord wants us to be unified and create together to bring into this age freedoms from the age that is to come.
It seems to me, we as a church, have a long way to go till we are ecumenically unified…and we need to strive to that end. What a fellowship of power and healing I can see when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity!
4. God is calling you and I to join in the sound of creation…. to loose here on earth the power of the heavens…we, belovers of Christ, seated in heavenly realms. The word says have the power, through the Spirit inside, to exercise our God-given freedoms!

So improvise in your life…the Holy Spirit…He’s inside of YOU!
Improvise in your life… be creative with what the Lord has given you!


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