i love jazz music!!


A thundering drum roll , a moving and robust saxophone solo , or the sound of weeping piano keys. When I’m on the road with brothers McClurg , at the end of the night I can be found back in my room with my mini dvd player unwinding to some mellow jazz.What i love most about this kind of music is the spontaneous spirit it possesses. When these musicians play together and off of each other in a call and response type of musical conversation , they are trying to capture the spirit of the moment. When they play it is unique for that given night and for the crowd they are playing to. These ideas are very similar to how I approach doing a worship set. I try to be fully alive to what God wants me to do for each night . I go wherever the Spirit wills, to sing melodies of my heart,as they’re placed there by the Holy Spirit. This takes a lot of trust on the bands part , to be attuned to where my brother or I may lead the music. Eugene Peterson translates the book of Revelations letter to the church in Philadelphia to read : ” Are your ears awake ? Listen to the Wind Words the Spirit blowing through the churches “. These are challenging words for me and my fellow worship leading brothers and sisters. It is calling us to not always rely on a plan , but to listen to what the Spirit is saying in the moment . I think it’s not the unknown that scares us , but the not-knowing where we’re going . I pray , that in those moments , trust would burst forth from your heart , and you would sing confidently a new song to the Lord. You may find there is a well that springs forth – from your depths – through your mouth – and covers like water , the souls of those in your hearing . Stay tuned next week I will be showing a video of how my friends and I are using jazz music to bring together community .  




One response to “i love jazz music!!

  1. Jazz!!!
    Anyone living in the Buffalo area..COME AND SEE..the next Jazz Night and Open Art Studio is Friday, July 29th 730-10pm,
    875 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, Lafayette Church
    FREE and open to ALL
    We Hope To See You There!

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