Story behind the title track of ALIVE

I wanted to write to let you know about the story behind the title track of our new EP ALIVE.
We’re from the city of Buffalo, where it snows 7 months out of the year. We’re home of the Buffalo Bills who have lost 4 Superbowls. Yes, it can get depressing and cold and some people say the city is cursed.
We wanted to write a song that would  encourage and inspire our congregations.
The song sings:
This is a call to all the dead and disappointed
The ones who feel like they are done.
This is a word to all the ones who feel forgotten
you are not

A few weeks after we finished the song, I was back in downtown Buffalo doing a prayer walk with a group of friends. There was this homeless guy, John, that we run into often on the streets when we’re prayer-walking. I asked him how he was doing and he exclaimed with a smile, “I’m ALIVE….I’m not dead yet!” When he said that it reminded me of the chorus of ALIVE….that no matter how down and disappointed and cold we all get….that no matter how bad our circumstances, there is always hope to hold onto. That inside we’re still ALIVE, ALIVE, ALIVE and we’re singin!
I hope this song awakens that same feeling in you!


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